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Friday, November 02, 2007


Save for God Almighty, can any one ever decipher the intricate codes of the human mind, the tangled thoughts, the hidden agendas, the cruel or kind intentions? You think you know someone, but sooner or later you realize, your thinking may have been wrong. Or was it? Did the analysis/intuition go wrong because of our expectations? Do we have the right to judge people because we expected something else? Do we expect too much from the people we love and care about? Why do we put such unncessary pressure, knowingly or unknowingly, on the people we love the most? But is it wrong to expect? Is it possible to live without any expectations? Is expectation equivalent to hope? Even if we don't have any expectations, or we say we don't have any, deep down inside, don't we all expect something? Parents expect certain things of their children, children in turn expect certain things from their parents, lovers expect each other to be kind and caring throughout, friends expect their friendship to last for ever. But what happens when expectations crumble? Does it affect the relationship in turn? Should we burden a beautiful relationship by piling on fair/unfair expectations? So many questions, but so few answers..

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